Work Stress

This programme centers around reducing stress experienced through your working environment. The aim is to provide you with enhanced communication skills, and reduce your stressful response to work situations.

A study of work stressors and common mental health problems found that:

  • high demands at work
  • reduced autonomy in decision making
  • high efforts, and
  • low rewards

often resulted in stress, and were associated with common mental health problems. Therefor it is important for us to manage our stress to avoid mental decline.

During this programme you will discover what your true values are in life, and how you react when your values are breached. You will learn how to communicate more effectively to express yourself. Personality profiling helps you to understand the most productive working conditions for you, and which situations you may find challenging. You will also gain insight into how other personality types differ from yours, giving greater insight into your co-workers. By recognising which situations are beyond your control, you can deploy new strategies for dealing with it and therefor feel more in control of your responses.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about work, struggling to motivate yourself to go to work, or lie awake at night thinking about work, this programme is for you. Most of us spend more time at work than with our families, let’s make it a good experience!

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