This programme is aimed at providing support to small business owners within the first 2 years of operation. Starting your own business is not only a lonely process, but we also have to become an expert in so many fields virtually overnight. This steep learning curve, combined with hard work and financial pressures to succeed can leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained and doubting ourselves.

Since your business relies on you, it is essential that you get all the support you need to ensure success. This programme will help you plan all the aspects of getting your business up and running, ensuring that you work within your energy levels to avoid slumping into inactivity.

The coach will support you as an individual through the mental and emotional challenges that come with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Just imagine how much you could achieve with the encouragement and support of someone in your corner for 3 to 6 months. Together we will keep you on track to reach your business’ full potential.

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