What is Personal Performance Coaching?

A coach is someone who helps you develop strategies for managing life or dealing with difficult situations. We all develop strategies for dealing with life when we are young. These are largely unconscious and become our automatic responses in life. It is not until you come across a situation where your habitual strategy is unsuccessful that you become stuck. Some of us have to try our unsuccessful strategy for a long time before we’re even convinced that it’s not working.

A coach helps you analyse your situation by asking you powerful questions. This gives you greater insight, clarity and understanding that helps you identify possible next steps. You can then start to develop new strategies and test them in a safe environment. The coach supports you to evaluate and adjust your strategies during implementation. Coaching is about what will work for you, and is completely unique for every person.

The coach offers great support and encouragement, and walks alongside you every step of your coaching journey. To create the best learning environment, coaching is approached in a curious, playful and experimental way. There is no failure, only feedback.

With successful strategies in your pocket, you achieve more of the things you want in life and have greater focus, clarity and direction. Coaching helps you reconnect with yourself and the process encourages and promotes self-coaching. Coaching is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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