What is NLP?

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming and is frequently known as the ‘users manual for your mind’. NLP gives us insight into how our thinking patterns can affect every aspect of our lives.

It looks at the way in which we think and process our thoughts (neuro), the language patterns we use (linguistic) and our behaviours (programming) and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals. (more about NLP)

In short, our thoughts affect our feelings and our feelings affect our physiology, which in turn affects our behaviour or the actions we take.

From time to time we can all experience feeling stuck in one of these areas. Have you had negative thoughts running through your mind that you couldn’t switch off? How about experiencing repeated anxiety, anger or fear? What sort of behaviours hold you back, addictive behaviours, procrastination or other bad habits? It can be difficult for us to see how we can change any of these whilst we are stuck in it.

NLP is a set of methods and tools which can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long lasting change in both individuals and organisations. It is used in coaching to remove obstacles that keep us from moving forward effectively. The methods and techniques used also allow for repeated practice of new thinking, ways of feeling or behaviours, in order to form new habits that will last.

NLP in coaching is very useful for changing bad habits, negative thinking, limiting beliefs, resolving traumas and phobias, or for emotional detoxing.

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