Dealing with Feelings

Emotions are created by the subconscious to help us make decisions faster than we can consciously think. We are born with 3 instinctive emotions: love, fear and anger. The rest are learned emotions from combining these 3. Since these learned emotions happen quicker than we can think, it sometimes seem to come from nowhere.

This programme focusses on resolving issues around feelings and emotions that stop you from achieving your full potential. The aim is to give you tools to manage feelings such as anxiety, stress, worry, anger, loneliness, sadness or lack of confidence.

During the programme you will learn how to heal troublesome memories and reconnect with yourself. You will become aware of how to let go and deal with your feelings in the moment.

After completion, you will be less triggered into hyper-vigilant and fight/flight/freeze survival mode in everyday life. You will also be more realistic and present in your surroundings.

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