Coaching Programmes

Coaching programmes consist of 6 x 1hr coaching sessions spread over a 3 – 6 month period. These programmes are devised to effect a lasting change in your life, which keeps on bringing you new benefits for years to come. One coaching session can give you a new perspective in life, whereas 6 coaching sessions establishes healthy beliefs and habits that last a lifetime.

Changing habits takes time and intention and we are more likely to succeed when we have help and support through the early stages. It requires repeated practice and consistency. Once new habits are formed, it becomes effortless.

Each of the following programmes focus on different aspects of life to help you pinpoint what will be most beneficial to you. Programmes can be altered to suit individual needs. Why not book your free half hour discussion to find out what’s most suitable for you?

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Life Management – improve all areas of your life, whole life balance
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Dealing with Feelings – anxiety, worry, anger, fear, confidence
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Work Stress – sleep, time management, communication, personality types
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Stuck and Suffering – bad habits, negative mind chatter, limiting beliefs, trauma, phobia
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Transition Management – new parent, marriage, job, qualification; loss, redundancy, divorce, retirement, empty nest
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Happiness Generator – relationships, meaning and purpose, connection, energy, spirituality, personal growth


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