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Wisdom Wednesday

Thoughts + Emotion = Feelings

Tuesday Tip

There are no unresourceful people, just unresourceful states. So here is my top tip for changing how you feel.

Monday motivation

Emotions and feelings serve a purpose in informing our decisions. We know we need to make a change when feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, anger or lack of confidence stop us from achieving our full potential.

Overcome small business obstacles

FRIDAY FEATURE As small business owners we can waste a lot of time trying to overcome obstacles ourselves. Why not get assistance and deal with it straight away? That way we can get on with the important business of running a business.


Do you have a task that you’ve been procrastinating over? Ask yourself these two questions to overcome inactivity.

Monday Motivation

As small business owners, we are the best tool our business has, so invest in yourself.

Thursday Thought

Change can only happen when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Why not have a free session?  

Wisdom Wednesday

My top tip for setting new life goals

This week the focus is on life management skills. If you want a change in life, the BE, DO, HAVE excercise is a great place to start. Why not share your new goal with this group and we can keep each other on track?

Monday Motivation