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3 Ways to practice gratitude

Research studies show at least 31 benefits associated with gratitude.


This is a good time of the year to reflect back over the year you’ve had before you get all consumed by the festive season. Take a moment to appreciate all the good things that happened for you, no matter how small. Without doing… Continue Reading “Gratitude”

Recapturing your sense of humour

We all like to think we have a great sense of humour, but the truth is when we’re stressed, anxious, grieving or depressed we struggle to find things funny. Life just feels too serious for laughter at times. So what can you do to… Continue Reading “Recapturing your sense of humour”

Amuse Thyself

Happiness Generator

We tend to put caveats on our happiness throughout our lives. If only I lost this weight, I’d be happy. If only I had someone to love me for me, I’d be happy. If only I earned enough not to worry about money, I’d… Continue Reading “Happiness Generator”

Thursday Thought

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness can be hard to maintain if we don’t really know what we want. Instead of focussing on the values we hold dear, we rely on external and mostly uncontrollable events to bring us glimpses of happiness. It’s only by spending time figuring out… Continue Reading “The Pursuit of Happiness”

Tuesday Tip

The easiest way to get into a state of happiness is to remember a time when you truly experienced happiness. In your imagination, put yourself back in that situation and experience it as if it was happening now. Notice what you see and hear… Continue Reading “Tuesday Tip”


Monday Motivation

Stuck and Suffering

Bad habits, negative mind chatter, limiting beliefs, trauma or phobias can all contribute to keeping us stuck in a place of internal suffering. But life doesn’t have to be this way. Even if you think things can never change for YOU, know that this… Continue Reading “Stuck and Suffering”