Do you have a task that you’ve been procrastinating over? Ask yourself these two questions to overcome inactivity.

Monday Motivation

As small business owners, we are the best tool our business has, so invest in yourself.


Thursday Thought

Change can only happen when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone.


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My top tip for setting new life goals

This week the focus is on life management skills. If you want a change in life, the BE, DO, HAVE excercise is a great place to start.

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Designer Thinking Patterns

Since we’ve been talking about work stress all week, I thought I’d share some of the principles behind my Work Stress Programme.

Thursday Thought

This is my thought on work stress. Does this resonate with you? What are your thoughts on work stress? Just leave a comment below.


My top 10 tips for changing your perspective on stressful work situations

Stress starts with a thought about whether you can meet the challenge. When you think you can’t, your body goes into the stress response. If we can change our perspective in that initial thought, we can avoid the stress response altogether.


Work Stress

This week I want to talk about work stress, so why not get involved in the conversation?

_The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another_ (1)