Thursday Thought

When we are going through a period of change, it is easy to only focus on the current turmoil. By reminding ourselves of the bigger picture we can find a new perspective and a better state of mind.20181101_131500_0001

Dealing with change

Most of us feel fear and a lack of control during times of change, since change is often flung upon us. This can erode our confidence very quickly. So to regain your self-confidence and reduce your fear, focus on what you can control. What kind of attitude will be helpful in this situation? Which actions will bring you the most calm or even joy in this situation?20181030_120036_0001

Monday Motivation

There is always a way through difficult periods of transition in our lives.20181029_123835_0001

Dealing with Feelings

Every time you recall an upsetting event, you produce the same chemicals in the brain and body as if the event is occurring again. The body believes it is a real event.

Wisdom Wednesday

Thoughts + Emotion = Feelings


Tuesday Tip

There are no unresourceful people, just unresourceful states. So here is my top tip for changing how you feel.

Monday motivation

Emotions and feelings serve a purpose in informing our decisions. We know we need to make a change when feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, anger or lack of confidence stop us from achieving our full potential.20181022_125206_0001

Overcome small business obstacles

As small business owners we can waste a lot of time trying to overcome obstacles ourselves. Why not get assistance and deal with it straight away? That way we can get on with the important business of running a business.