I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career in engineering developing management systems for businesses. I loved developing strategies and implementing them through training and education. I got excited about testing the systems to find out if it was achieving the intended outcome. Invariably, improvements could always be made to make it even more successful.

It wasn’t until I suffered a tragic loss that I found myself in need of advise on my own life. I felt lost and didn’t really know what I wanted out of life anymore. My first thought was: “I need a life coach!”.

I decided I wanted to help myself so I enrolled on a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma and a NLP Practitioners course. My life changed virtually overnight.

I was surprised to find that management systems for life existed! They worked the same as the systems I worked with for years. I just never knew how to apply it to my life. Once again I fell in love with the certainty of having a system in place and learned how to develop successful life strategies not only for myself, but for anybody who wants to make a change. This enriching process left me with a positive mental attitude, where I could be curious and playful, stay focussed on my outcome and believe things are possible.

My passion bubbled over and I just had to share my experience with others. Starting my own NLP and coaching practice gave me the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives and experience a sense of connection and contribution.

Now that I know how life can be better managed, I realise that no-one needs to suffer inside, because life is too short. I believe life is for living joyfully and purposefully, and the Time for Living is now.